Standard Weekly Trips
Manuta - Short Run
2.5 Miles
1 hour
$20 per person
Manuta - Medium Run
5 Miles
2 - 3 hours
$25 per person
Manuta - Long Run
7.5 - 8.5 Miles
3 - 5 hours
$35 per person

Thank you for choosing us for your next kayak rental. At Breakaway Excursions we pride ourselves as having one of the best kayak rental fleets in Northeast Ohio. We keep our kayaks clean and our life jackets fresh. 


This section of the Cuyahoga River is truly breathtaking. Many of our clients have seen bald eagles, otters, beavers and deer along the banks of the river. This section of the Cuyahoga River in Portage County does have a moving current and does require the ability to maneuver your boat around obstacles.


We are located east of Aurora and Solon in the beautiful town of Mantua, Ohio. We are also 40 minutes from Cleveland, Akron and Youngstown. Easily accessible from major highways.

Check in starts 30 minutes before your departure time.

Short Trip

2.5 Miles

1 - 1.5 hours

Tuesday - Friday

10:00, 12:00,

$25 Per Person

Medium Trip

6 Miles

2 - 3 hours

9:00, 11:30, 1:30, 3:00

$30 per person

Long Trip

8.5 Miles 

3.5 - 5 hours

10:00, 12:00

$35 per person

Important Information


No Alcohol:

We have a strict no alcohol policy while paddling on the river.  Please make sure you read our terms and conditions before deciding to paddle with us.

Duration and water level: 

We have 3 standard trips which may change slightly from week to week depending on the current water levels and river conditions. Please note the time it takes to paddle is shortened when the river is higher and running faster.  

Kayak rental includes:

All kayak rentals include a kayak, paddle and life jacket which must be worn at all times.  An optional quick start kayak lesson is available free for those who need it.  


Online Reservations: 

We strongly encourage everyone to make online reservations prior to coming out especially if you are planning on coming out on a weekend. 


It is a good idea to call ahead and check our availability.  During the week we have a little more flexibility.  But on the weekends, we usually get pretty busy and cannot do walk-ups.

What to Bring: 

Please bring a valid ID with you when you check in. Water is a must especially for the medium and long kayak rentals. We also recommend bringing or wearing a hat or sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes.  In addition, please wear clothing that is appropriate for the day's weather (ie. rain jacket if there is a chance of rain, extra clothing for colder weather and sunscreen for the hot days).  We do reserve the right to cancel your reservation if you are ill prepared for the current weather conditions.  

Safe Paddling Practices:

We promote and support safe paddling practices at Breakaway Excursions.  Always wearing a life jacket and never paddling while under the influence of alcohol or drugs are the top two recommendations for ensuring a safe excursion for you and your group.  For additional tips and advice please check out the American Canoe Association's Best Practices brochure.

20% Discount - Environmental Stewardship:


People from Akron and Cleveland love clean water.  We understand that our watersheds provide us with our most important and valuable resource; water. Packing out your own trash and debris is expected.  Unfortunately, this is not always enough to keep our waterways pure and pristine. An extra effort on everyone's part is needed and Breakaway Excursions is here to provide a little incentive.  If you pick up extra trash along the shoreline or water, we will give you a 20% discount on your next individual kayak rental. We will even be happy to provide you with a bag.


"We believe we must go above and beyond what is expected if we want to make a difference."                                                                                        

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