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Wonderful Week to Shoot

Another senseless ping pong ball shooting. lol

It has truly been a wonderful week for shooting. We introduced the sport of archery to 8 new shooters. All of them proved to have what it takes to hit the target. Our youngest new shooter is a local from the neighborhood who just turned 7 a few months ago. His reaction and look on his face was absolutely priceless when he hit the target for the first time. Archery is one of those sports which is perceived to be very difficult but is actually quite easy to learn. Getting consistent with your skill is just like everything else in life. It requires a whole lot of patience and practice. This is probably where we can help the beginner shooter the most. Check out our availability for continued Coaching Sessions on our Calendar Page.

Also, I would like to give special kudos to one of our weekly archers, Elise, who has made the decision to shoot competitively. Her first competition is most likely going to be a NFAA sectionals tournament this weekend. IF you or anyone in your family is interested in learning how to shoot or want to improve your current skills, please give us a call at 440 773-2465.

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