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3 Great Locations

1 on the river 

and 2 on the lake

Check Rental Prices

Rental Prices


Kayak Rental

2 hours  - $30 

Canoe or Tandem Kayak

            2 hours  - $60

Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) 

2 hours - $30

Fishing Boat - 

3 hours - $75

5 hours - $100

All Day  - $125


Medium Trip $34


10 Punch Paddling pass - $200

  5 Punch paddling pass - $125

10 punch fishing boat pass - $500

 5  punch fishing boat pass - $300

Break the silence with the sound of your paddle. Decompress with the rhythm of your stroke. Glide across the surface of the water and leave nothing but your worries in your wake.


Clean boats, knowledgeable staff and two absolutely breathtaking venues to choose from. It's time to get on the water.


Reserve your kayak, canoe, stand up paddleboard or fishing boat today. 

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