Kayak Lessons and Instruction

Beginner Kayak Lessons


This 1.5 hour class is designed for those who want a safe and controlled environment for their introduction to kayaking experience. This beginner class will prepare paddlers to paddle on flat or slow-moving water. The course emphasizes safety, skill development and having fun. In the class we will cover kayaking equipment and basic paddle strokes. Paddlers should come prepared to get wet.

Kayak lessons for kids and families

Adult kayak lessons

Kayak Lesson Self-Rescue


This is a beginner kayaking class which focuses on capsizing and simple self-rescue techniques. During the class you will learn rescue techniques such as the cowboy scramble, the ladder rescue, the two person team rescue and the boat over boat rescue. Paddlers should come prepared to get wet. Paddlers are expected to know how to paddle and should be able to maneuver their boats confidently. This is a great class to take as a squeal to the beginner paddling class. 

Youth Self-Rescue Class

This class is Full

Adult Self-Rescue Class

Sunrise Kayak Workout


There is no better workout than an early morning kayak paddle. We will paddle at your own pace but with the support of the group. Kayaking is a phenomenal cross training activity which is fun to do especially at sunrise. Come join us for this unique workout experience. Register for one or two days per week.

Kayak Workout Training

This class is Full

Why take a formal kayaking class?

Kayaking is super easy to learn.  So why take a formal class? The answer is simple, if you want to master any sport then you have to dive deeper into the subject. Taking a formal kayak lesson gives us confidence as paddlers. A formal class will teach you the differences between a high angle forward stroke versus a low angle forward stroke. A kayak class can teach you how to read the river and understand currents which may not be visible to the novice paddler. Taking a formal lesson will give you the confidence to go further out because you will have mastered self-rescue techniques.


In our beginner class you will learn the basics of safe paddling. You will learn paddling strokes and simple maneuvers. Upon completion of the class you will have the confidence to paddle on flat water and gentle moving rivers. Our intermediate classes cover topics like advance paddle strokes and maneuvers, how to read a river and simple self-rescue techniques.