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The kayak we chose for our kayak rental fleet

We chose the Wilderness System Aspire 105 kayak as our primary boat in our rental fleet. The decision was easy. We wanted the best and we didn't care what we had to do to get it. The Wilderness System Aspire is a phenomenal boat for beginners because of its primary stability. Intermediate and advance level paddlers love it because of its exceptional maneuverability.

If you want a boat that is built for comfort and performance, this is your boat. Their Phase 3 AirPro seat has 3 adjustments you can quickly make. This allows you to customize your ride to optimize your comfort. The TruTrack adjustable skeg system will keep you going straight on open bodies of water.

This is not a cheap boat though. If you want the best, then you have to be willing to pay. This boat retails for $830. If you are interested in a used one at the end of the kayaking season, please give us call.

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